Why do we think everything is impossible?

Most people around the world use the word “Impossible”. It simply means how hard you try, you cannot do it. This is a negative thought that lingers in all our minds. So, how often have we paused from our busy machine-like lifestyles and tried to make the impossible scenario to possible? Or at least thought to turn the impossible to possible? Furthermore, how many of us have realized the benefits that we would get by turning the impossible light into possible??

Life would be much easier for all of us if impossible could be turned into ‘possible. It’s mainly the perspective of the person that makes all the difference. What does it take to turn the impossible to possible? What can we do about it? Wait, can we do it? The answer is ‘yes’ we can do it. If you believe that whatever you wish to achieve is not impossible, you fight with hope and try to obtain it with all your faith and that is what makes the real difference. Therefore, nothing is impossible for a man who optimistically believes in things.

How can we change the impossible to possible?

A little bit of trust and faith in yourself can change your entire life immensely. Most of us like to work within our set of limits of comfort and fun. The moment things start to get a little difficult, we begin to pull ourselves self-back and give up easily on the things and accept defeat rather easily. Until and unless, you take on some challenges and prove yourselves in them, you will never realize your potential of strength and will never be able to believe that you can turn impossible into possible.

Moreover, a bit more self-confidence is not going to do you any harm. The simple way of doing it is to dust the bag of confidence which is hidden in you, take it out, give it a good shake, and put it into all that you do. Accepting challenges, fighting to win them, and finally winning them, makes a person realizes his worth and his capabilities. The bible says, “If you believe as much as a mustard seed you will be able to move mountains”. This speaks of ‘trust’ that we should have. If the trust that you have is whole-hearted, you could easily turn the impossible into possible.

Self-confidence, trust, faith, and

 believing in yourself are all you need to return the impossible to possible. You don’t have to spend millions and millions of money to achieve the height you want to go to. All it takes is the trust you have in yourself. So, talk to yourself, might sound stupid at first, but trust me, it works! Convince yourself that you are strong enough to overcome all the trials and temptations ahead. We definitely can change the impossible to possible!!

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by Thimal Basnayake – 11 July 2020