Carbon and gases rising, soaring

Global warming killing, hurting

Each and every night and day

Ridding us of a good place to stay……


Man refuses to notice these

These are some of the hard times, I agree

But, it’s never too late, you do see

To keep our Earth rid of dirt,

Live Earth, Love Earth and Care for Earth!



Why is it so hot and stifling? What is the reason why don’t we get rain? Why do environmentalists say that the sea level is going up? Many of us try very hard to tackle these problems, while others do not even bother! “Planet earth is our shared island let us join forces to protect it”. This was once said by the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. Earth is the only planet in our solar system where life exists. We are blessed with air, water, green, flora, fauna, wonderful landscapes, and many more.


What is pollution?

Pollution is a silent killer. It has already invaded our peaceful planet and has taken over every available living space. It reeks and burns constantly bringing with it a new disease, which helps it spread its harm across the world. However, every villain, pollution cannot work alone. No, pollution had an army of allies; us. However, sadly today this beautiful planet is in great danger. This is mainly because of danger and damage caused by man’s activities and natural disasters.

Firstly, let us take a look at the environmental threats we face. Man-made disasters include air pollution, water pollution, chemical pollution, sound pollution, soil pollution, land pollution and environmental pollution. Natural disasters are tsunami, floods, bushfires, droughts and many more.


What is water pollution?

Water pollution is something which is causing a shortage of clean water for man and animals. It’s threatening the lives of animals living in the water. Scientists say that if a world war 3 happens, it will be for water.


Polluting the environment is what most of people do in today’s world. It is obvious that a plant dies a day due to environmental pollution. One of the man’s selfish acts is cutting down trees. People cut down trees for their benefits but do not think about the future generations. When we move on to humans, they are the main culprit for the earth to be in danger. Deforestation eventually leads to many environmental problems such as global warming, acid rains, damage to the ozone layer, spreading of many diseases and many other health and social related problems. Therefore, if we reduce the number of trees by cutting trees, the earth will become a desert one day. And when this keeps going on, our planet earth will become a very unpleasant place to live in. Thereby, re-forestation should take place as a solution for this.

What is air pollution?

Air pollution takes place due to burning of polythene and harmful chemical substances and gases to the atmosphere. And if air pollution takes at a higher rate, it leads into acid rain which can kill thousands of animals and humans. We too take part in air pollution in various ways. Simply, by using spray perfumes that are toxic to our atmosphere around, we pollute the air. Through that we undoubtedly damage the ozone layer.


Rain forests are the other thing which is important. Animals, insects and fish living there die because of acid rain and pollution. In order to minimize these issues, we can come up with several solutions. Firstly, we can stop the wastage of water. If we see a tap open anywhere, we can close it easily. And mostly we can reduce the wastage of paper by recycling the waste paper. Moreover, we can control the wastage of food too.  

What Shall We Do Now?

“PLANET EARTH IS IN DANGER, WE MUST ACT NOW!!!!!” Do you know how many people and animals will suffer due to environmental pollution? If you walk into hospitals all around the world, you would realize how people suffer due to this fatal pollution. Governments must get together and work together, and find out solutions for these. Scientists and world leaders should start reacting now.

It’s really simple, either we stop killing the earth or we kill ourselves. Do not litter the environment. Let’s protect the earth by reusing, recycling, repairing and reliving. Let us all get together and make ‘Mother Earth’ fabulous and safe!